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Auctions Abalarte takes on sale this fascinating, unique and special work of Sorolla

It is an oil on canvas, signed, dated and dedicated "to Sª Ms. Clotilde García Pons / J.Sorolla 83". The firm is incised in the painting, probably made with the tip of the brush handle paint exploiting the still tender queera a common technique in the early days of the painter. [Leer más]


A auctioning an old collection of Oriental and European art from an antique Zurich

The collection consists of interesting works of Asian art as Burmese, Thai, Japanese and especially Chinese. (Lots of 1150 to 1481). [Leer más]


Auction December 2014

On Monday 15 and Tuesday 16 December Auction will be held December 2014.
Lots of paintings, furniture, decorative arts, books, jewelry and a special Oriental art will be auctioned. [Leer más]


Tomorrow begins the first session of the October 2014 Auction

Reminder of upcoming event Abalarte Auctions. On Wednesday 8 and Thursday, 9 will be the # 5 auction. [Leer más]


As a result of the Second Auction Used well.The available

You can view lots available for direct sale of lots not directly awarded the day of the auction. [Leer más]


Second Attempt Auction Saturday October 4

Next Saturday October 4 auctions held in Abalarte second chance auction at 12:00.
The auction catalog is classroom and the same is available exclusively on our website. [Leer más]


Up for auction a handwritten letter of Alessandro Malaspina, Lima dated June 12, 1790 and addressed to His Excellency Count of Revillagigedo.

During the eighteenth century the Spanish Crown began a series of economic, cultural, political and administrative order to achieve and promote the material and intellectual progress of their overseas dominions and achieve more effective monitoring of their colonies reforms, facilitating better knowledge of them and better exploitation of their wealth. [Leer más]


Abalarte auction one olifante or hunting horn in silver and enamels, with marks of Herman Böhm (or Boehm), a leading Viennese goldsmith in the second half of the nineteenth century.

At this time Vienna was Europe´s largest producer of pictorial decoration of glazes fire center, not only silver but also on glass (Bohemia), polychrome bronze, gold, porcelain, etc. Today there is an admired throughout Central Europe collecting this production, exotic and always refined and highly decorative. [Leer más]


Exceptional handwritten letter from Juan Sebastian Elcano, signed and dated the day of his return after going around the world

Document Juan Sebastian Elcano manuscript written on the day of arrival to port after being the first man to circumnavigate the world by boat. [Leer más]


Abalarte auction a painting by Fernando Zobel titled In Ibarra Count IV 65.5 x 54.5 cm

The title of the work we list references the streets of Seville where he shared studio with Joseph Zobel and Carmen Soto Laffón [Leer más]


Auction First Attempt

Next Saturday June 7 Abalarte auctions held in the first auction of chance at 12:00.
The auction catalog is classroom and the same will be available exclusively on our website. [Leer más]


Quevedo letters topped 20,000 euros

The only known in Spain copies of the letters sent from San Marcos Quevedo were sold in the first session of the auction May Abalarte amounting to 20,000 euros. [Leer más]


75,000 euros for the plane Jerusalem eighteenth century

The painting, which started with a starting price of 12,000 euros, starred in a heated battle between bidders in the room and phones. He was finally awarded to a classroom buyer against the orders given to the phones that came from both sides of the Atlantic. [Leer más]


Abalarte auction the only known copies in Spain of the letters sent from San Marcos Quevedo

They are the only known examples in Spain of the letters written by Quevedo from the convent of San Marcos de León, where he was imprisoned for reasons that have never been entirely clear. [Leer más]


Abalarte saca a subasta un importante

Importante "Bonheur du jour" Luis XVI en madera de amaranto y frutal, con aplicaciones de bronce dorado, Francia, ca.1787 y posterior. Estampillado "A. WEISWEILER" y "JME". Frente decorado con una placa de porcelana de Sèvres.
Adam Weisweiler es uno de los principales ebanistas del reinado de Luis XVI. [Leer más]


Abalarte auction an extraordinary plan of the city of Jerusalem from the eighteenth century. COLONIAL SCHOOL possibly MEXICO, 1787

The work represents a major plane of the imaginary city of Jerusalem with its walls and its most representative religious and civic buildings such as the Temple of Solomon. At the outer edge of its walls a number of other biblical events like that happened during the life of Christ figures are located. [Leer más]


JEAN BAPTISTE DE SAIVE (Namur, 1540-Mechelen, 1624) goes on sale in May 2014 Abalarte Auctions

Next May 7 will be auctioned Market Day with characters from fruits and vegetables with the bottom fishing scene in port JEAN BAPTISTE DE author SAIVE. [Leer más]


A prince of Thomas More´s Utopia issue price multiplied by 100 output

On February 26, 2014 it went to auction the lot at paragraph 511 books managed to reach the figure of EUR 70,000 based on an exit price to 700 EUR [Leer más]


At auction in carved marble sculpture, the work of Benlliure (Valencia, 1862 - Madrid, 1947), the Marquise de Argüelles

Benlliure was the favorite sculptor of the society of his time, portraying the most famous people of his time as Alfonso XII, XIII and members of the royal family, politicians and Castelar, Sagasta or Eduardo Dato, artists such as Sorolla, Fortuny and Goya and familiar characters from the Spanish nobility as the Duke of Rivas or Larios. [Leer más]

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