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Individuals wishing to sell their goods in the auctions conducted by the Board shall, in addition to the amount of the Sales Order completed form, submit the following documentation:

  • In case of individuals, the DNI or valid ID provided with photography. If the sale or deposit is made on behalf of a third party must provide written authorization accompanied DNI valid ID or assuming responsibility for the accuracy and such authorization.
  • In case of a legal person, public charter, card establishing the Tax Identification Number (NIF) and document evidencing sufficient powers to act on behalf of society.


The transferor warrants that it owns the assets deposited or is validly licensed by the rightful owner may dispose of them free of complaints, charges and other charges. INTERNATIONAL AUCTIONS ABALARTE S. L. (hereinafter the Board) it reserves the right to accept or reject the goods will be offered for auction or direct sale. Once admitted to a well by the Chamber, delivered by the seller, this will constitute its depositary. Where appropriate, it shall proceed to expert assessment and appraisal by qualified personnel, as well as restoration, framing or cleaning or other similar services, in so far as may be requested by the seller, who shall bear all expenses incurred in so early after acceptance by the budget provided for that purpose.


INTERNATIONAL AUCTIONS ABALARTE S. L. He owns an insurance policy to cover possible damage or loss of items left in it being agreed and guaranteed exit price, less commission value.


Starting Price Auction of each lot, which is the minimum selling price of each unless you have established a Reserve Price (minimum value below which the lot will not be sold), will be established by mutual agreement between the Room and seller.


The Retail Price is the price by which it can be performed by the Board direct sale of a lot, both before the auction for those lots that are initially intended for direct sale as well as for lots that are unsold at auction. This will be established by mutual agreement between the Board and the seller.


The transport of the goods to be auctioned to the premises of the Board shall be made by the seller at your own risk. In the event that service be requested by the seller of expenses incurred packing and transportation of the goods to be auctioned will be borne by him and shall be paid in advance.


With the Sales Order or made ??the deposit, the seller gives the full right to photograph and film room goods are entrusted with the sale and to reproduce them for your judgment and discretion. Management fees and inclusion in the catalog and its reproduction through engravings and photographs, are borne by the seller or the depositor in accordance with the following rate (VAT not included):

From 6 to 29 € 3 €
From 30 to 149 € 6 €
From 150 to 299 € 9 €
From 300 to 599 € 12 €
From 600 to 1.199 € 18 €
From 1.200 to 2.999 € 30 €
From 3.000 to 5.999 € 60 €
From 6.000 € to up 100 €

If the goods are deposited expenses including books in the catalog are:

Until 600 € 4,50 €
From 601 to 1.200 € 9 €
From 1.201 to 1.800 € 12 €
From 1.801 to 3.000 € 24 €
From 3.001 to up 30 €


The Board, once it is awarded Lot, settled at an amount corresponding seller, minus the agreed commission for services rendered by the Board, expenses incurred in your case, if copyright were applicable by and taxes due, after thirty (30) days after the date the auction was held, provided that the lot is paid by the successful bidder / purchaser (the assumptions on which the right of first refusal is exercised by the exception's Directors in which case the procedure and time limits for by law) will apply.


The auctioned and not allocated at the meeting provided for this purpose lots will be automatically entered in direct sales and may be sold by the Board to the Retail Price agreed with the seller. The seller has a period of fifteen (15) calendar days to withdraw the lots were not allocated by auction and sold through direct sales, counting from the date of the meeting at which they were auctioned. After this period, the seller must satisfy, for costs of storage and custody, the amount of two (2) euros a day per frame and object, and three (3) euros a day for the rest of movables. Also, after a period of two (2) months, the Board is expressly authorized by the seller for as mediator and without prior notice, to proceed to a new auction of itself, can automatically lower the Starting Price Auction and Retail Price set at thirty percent (30%) - being able to repeat this reduction in succession every two (2) months.


If the seller must, on its own initiative, to withdraw lots before the conclusion of the auction, the room must pay the brokerage commission of 40% plus VAT and expenses copyrights on the agreed price output.


The Board reserves the right to host the batch, change or subdivide into several, in its sole discretion. You can also freely combine two or more lots and to withdraw prior to the auction at their discretion.


The organization of the auction shall be paid by the Board, which shall fix the date and time thereof, including batch, order, and other circumstances, changes may take place about freely.

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