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Persons wishing to participate in the auction must submit:

  • In case of individuals, the DNI or valid ID provided with photography. If the puja is performed on behalf of a third party must provide written authorization accompanied DNI or valid ID.
  • In case of a legal person, public charter, card establishing the Tax Identification Number (NIF) and document evidencing sufficient powers to act on behalf of society.


The lots will be awarded to the highest bidder. The Board shall appoint a director of the auction, in charge of the same address as the one to award the lots to the highest bidder, which will be linked automatically to the payment of the lot by the amount of the bid placed, plus tax, fees and expenses accrued unable to withdraw it.


On the hammer price, the buyer / bidder shall pay to the Board as a fee for his brokerage twenty-one percent (21%) VAT Included.


The buyer / bidder should proceed to payment and removal of batches and the satisfaction of the fees, expenses and taxes of the maximum period of ten (10) calendar, after which days late interest established in Act 3 will accrue / 2004 of 29 December. After that time, further expenditures shall accrue storage, safe custody of two (2) euros a day per frame and object, and three (3) euros a day for the rest of movables.


The Board will only make delivery of the lots awarded once they, and amounts payable in respect thereof, have been paid in full.


The Board may require a certain confidence to bidders in order to participate in the auction, which will be stated in the notice thereof, and never exceed 5% of the starting price of the lot. The deposit of the successful tenderers, if any, shall be considered as payment on account of the amounts due. The deposit will be returned to bidders that are not awarded in the three (3) days following the date of conclusion of the auction day. The Board may also require tenderers, as they think fit, bank references to ensure the solvency of these.


Payment of award items may be made by:

  • Cash not exceeding € 2,500 amounts, in accordance with Law 7/2012 of 29 October.
  • Bank transfer to the account of the Board.
  • Cheque made


Those wishing to bid in the auction must complete an application form with the supporting pallet purchases and subject to the terms of the auction at the tables devoted to it, where you will be given the number of palette.


Both bids in writing or by telephone may be accepted by filling in the form provided for that purpose by the Board. If multiple bids are received in writing the same amount for the same lot, the oldest priority is granted. Also, in case of a tie between an auction held in the Chamber or by phone and an offer made ??in writing, the latter takes precedence. The written bids will be defended by the Director of the auction or the staff of the Board until the limit set on it, trying to award the lot offered at the lowest possible price permitted by other bids and reserve prices if they had been established. This system does not determine whether it is a distance sale pursuant to the provisions of Article 38 of the Law of Retail Trade. The Board reserves the right to refuse bids received in writing three (3) prior to the conclusion of the auction, without justification or explanation hours. Moreover Only bids by phone to figure out lots with not less than five hundred (500) euros were allowed. The order to participate telephonically implies that the bidder is obliged at least to cover the amount of output.


In case of doubt or disagreement about the award or the auction price between two or more bidders or bidders, and in general, any dispute between bidders in an auction shall be settled by the Director of the auction, which will determine who has the lot without appeal. Also, if the Director of the auction will not rule on the motion disagreement or dispute between bidders, the Board shall have the power to make a new auction lot.


Transportation of goods shall be awarded by the contractor at his own risk. In the case of the service requested by the Contractor's expenses incurred packing and transportation of foreclosed property shall be borne by him and shall be paid in advance.


During the period of exposure prior to the auction the buyer can check and expertizar itself, the condition of the parts that are of interest and to verify that documentation is reliable and form your own opinion. The data and information contained in the catalog represent a judgment / opinion in good faith the result of study and research by experts of the Chamber and considering the manifestations of their owners and / or sellers. However, the Board assumes no responsibility regarding the accuracy and correctness of the same, considering the catalog as a mere non-binding guidance. The lots will be auctioned in the condition they are in, and claims relating to damage, cracks, restorations etc. will not be accepted existing during exposure of the good in question, despite not having been described in the catalog.

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